Alberto Sande

Alberto is a Londoner with northwestern Spanish heritage. He greatly enjoys multicultural societies, and has spent several years of his life living and working in different places. He’s called South East England home for the past fifteen years, but prior to that he lived in Austrailia and Spain.

He graduated in 2010 from the University of Portsmouth with a BA Hons in Communication Design. Since then he designed for international musicians such as DJ Vadim and Fat Freddy's Drop; also, for over three years he managed Spanish social media accounts, on a freelance basis, for Ninja Tune Records, whilst also designing and animating graphical content for past Coldcut's audiovisual shows. His latest artistic participation was at the 'Sound in Pictures: Experimental Animation Workshops' organised by The Light Surgeons in 2018.

A passionate Designer and Media Artist, with a special interest in motion graphics, experimental animation, projection mapping, interactive installations, sound, as well as audiovisual performance. His research interests include the fields mentioned above, alongside Pop Culture in Art, Design and Music, and Remix Studies. Since enrolling in the course his own practice has become interdisciplinary in nature and informed by research, whilst confidently expanding from a solely design background towards a digital art one.

Alex Stuart-Hutcheson

Alex is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of inspiring positive change through art and story.

Her journey so far includes a move from Brighton to a remote island, the Outer Hebrides. Whilst there, she won funding from Creative Scotland National Lottery through the VACMA Awards 2017 - 18, to develop a kinetic art installation with video mapping.

Now her creative path continues to evolve alongside a newly found life and light, back in Brighton completing a Masters in Digital Media Art.

As an Artist in the System Change Hive, an interdisciplinary hub, Alex is creating visions of a new world - including in VR.

Alex’s previous interactive installation, the ‘Sound of Colour,’ is an illusionary synaesthesia experience. As the participants move around, the colours that fill the space change in response. It includes healing gong sounds, provided by Gordon Coxon, ‘Ascending’ - the first part of The Lightning Path, a planet gong meditation based on the Tree of Life.

For the Final Show, Alex will be exhibiting her new VR piece, which is just the beginning of an exploration into the healing potential of colour and sound, in immersive technologies.

Chie Kamiya

Born and raised in Kobe, Japan, Chie received her BA in computer science from Kansai University. Before moving to Brighton to pursue her MA, she worked as a system engineer in Tokyo for ten years.

When asked why she moved to Brighton, Chie said, “To fully enjoy my life and do what I want to do (because I only live once), I moved to Brighton and started studying ‘Art’.”

Her previous course project explored how digital technologies have changed intergenerational communication using stop-motion animation. She’s now investigating the expression of a mixture of digital and analogue through augmented reality.

Chie said, “the most important thing I learned in the UK is that Art is the tool of communication. By challenging new technologies and respecting traditional methods, I continuously study to develop my skills of communication.”

Chimin Seong

Chimin is a Creative Designer who specializes in motion-graphics and graphic-design. While working at graphic-design studios such as Maaz communication and 25 Frame in Korea, he contributed and directed many key shots on commercial video for major companies.

His body of work has also been recognized and presented in a number of prestigious design award such as IF award, Good Design, and SOFI. He recently joined MA Digital Media Art in University of Brighton, which specialized in VR/AR and web media art.

It is his continuing goal and vision to keep expanding his creativity and work in motion-graphics, graphic-design and various new media projects.

Gülce Selin Sözmen

Gülce Selin Sözmen is a visual communication designer from Turkey. Her multidisciplinary undergraduate degree has equipped her with knowledge in various areas, specifically in digital and print design.

The most valuable lesson, Gülce learned during her undergraduate years is how to execute design through different mediums and utilizing the correct tools. She has always found great interest in Art History and Semiotics, so by pursuing an MA in Digital Media Arts, she has been able to merge both old and new digital mediums with a specific focus on interactivity.

She has taught herself a few coding languages in order to execute interactivity in her installations. Her main focus and areas of interest are in interactive design and installation art. She’s pleased to see the skills she’s gained throughout the MA and her creative process.

Maddy Gale

Maddy Gale has a background in Textile Design and Adobe Design Specialist certificate. She has used her understanding of design principles and eye for colour to create beautiful aesthetics and hand-drawn components for her digital artwork. Applying this design knowledge to different mediums has taken her projects to the next level.

She has worked with coding throughout the course and has created three significant pieces throughout her MA. She’s utilized various coding languages to build her own professional website from scratch, as well as created a VR game based on her own dream experiences. She’s also created a 2D screen-based, interactive experience for her final project.

Maddy is a very hardworking individual and is always eager to engage with new technologies and software. Regardless of what she creates, her own artistic style is very evident in the work.

Rylee Flowers

Oklahoma native, Rylee Flowers is a highly efficient, reliable and experienced communications professional and freelance graphic designer. With a BA in strategic communications and minor in leadership, the world of digital media art was a leap from her former education.

A creative, outgoing and detail-oriented individual, Rylee worked in the non-profit sector as a graphic designer before choosing to pursue her masters. Although lacking a creative resume, Rylee is well trained in producing and delivering content that engages audiences and drives recognition.

In the office, Rylee excels in high pressure, deadline driven environments. Always thinking outside the box, seeking challenges and playing with new streams of creativity, the Digital Media Arts MA provided her with an adventure offering a set of new skills. Rylee is best known for her work as a communications professional with advanced skills in graphic design, strategic planning and social media marketing.

Shizuka Ono

Shizuka Ono is from Tokyo, Japan. She has a BA in media focusing on objective-c language, as well as a BA in digital arts focusing on motion graphics from the UK.

She’s now interested in digital art and using the latest technologies, specifically projection mapping and augmented reality.

Shizuka works part time as a web designer in Japan. However, after finishing her MA, she looks forward to working in her area of study with hopes of contributing to society.

Zihao Wang

Zihao Wang is from Shanghai, China. He received a BA in graphic design from Shanghai Institute of Technology and has studied graphic design for four years. Zihao enjoys attending exhibitions and holding internships to advance his knowledge and practice.

He’s now pursuing his MA in Digital Media Art at the University Of Brighton and is most interested in video editing and coding. He has developed his skills in the vast world of digital media art and improved his English by communicating with different people throughout the program.

For his final project, he will be creating an interactive installation allowing visitors to explore the solar system. Throughout the development of his project, he has utilized Unity to provide a pleasant user experience environment, as well as improved his own skills in coding and installations.

Zore Moshref

Zore is an artist who was born in Tehran in 1967 and currently lives and works in Eastbourne. She graduated in Graphic Art and Design from Kamal-Al Molk, Faculty School of Art and Design. She got her B.A degree in Visual Communication Art and Design at Azad University Tehran, Iran in 1994.

She had her own advertising company for nearly 20 years until she left the country. She has more than twenty five years of graphic design experience.

At the moment, she is studying M.A in Digital Media Art at the University of Brighton where working and experiencing new digital media art is the focus.

During these years, her life was undergoing the influence of many ups and downs. She was a witness of a revolution, and after that, an eight-year-long arduous and intolerable war.

Now her artworks present and reflect all the women that were suppressed and strives to support them through their struggles, to which she was a witness to.